Season ticket holders can afford

Really? Season ticket holders can afford to buy a couple bottles of water. For that matter non season ticket holders. You pay for parking, beverages/food, t shirts and hats before entering the stadium. Mason is the prime target of the lawsuit and the others are accused of aiding and abetting his discrimination.Bailey, a 43 year old mother of three who is married to a Maplewood police officer, had testified that the department’s attendance policy is unfair in that she has to use a sick day to stay home and take care of one of her children. She told the jury she believes that mothers usually take on the care giving role, prompting Harrison to ask whether she isn’t expecting preferential treatment as a mother on the force.Bailey also said she believes that most of the defendants have or had homemaker wives.”You know he is a single father?” Harrison asked Bailey, referring to Giuliani, a single parent with custody ofthree children. “Have you looked at Lt.

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