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Ron is survived by his wife Shirley, Fargo, ND; his daughter, Lori (Jon) Watson, Port Townsend, WA; his son Bob (Nadine) Schaff; 7 grandchildren, Sarah (Charles), Bethany (Richard), Lasha (Matt), Haley (Sean), Shay, Courtney, and Casey, 3 great grandchildren, Farrah, Navy and Oakley; his brothers, Allan (Phyllis) Forness, Colfax, ND; his sister, Carol (Norm) Browne, Dana Point, CA. He was raised in Colfax, ND, graduating from Colfax High School in 1951. He married Shirley Martin, the daughter of Neuman and Ann Berseth.

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replica oakleys “But the only way that works for us is if it’s the exception.”It’s hard to describe clogging Ellinger tends to tell the uninitiated that it’s “like hillbilly tap dancing.” It’s a seemingly only in America confluence of the Irish jig, Dutch clog dances, American Indian movements and German folk forms. Once a spontaneous solo showcase, it now features elaborate group formations and if you’re doing it Appalachian style, you’re continuously moving both feet at the same time. “Women probably would have been called hussies if they’d jumped around like this at the time,” Ellinger says replica oakleys.


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