She did him good all the days

She did him good all the days of her life. She worked with willing hands, rising while it was yet night to provide food for her household. Strength and dignity were her clothing. NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) The disagreement has centered on the location of the proposed National Museum of African American Music. The efforts to challenge the new construction plans were led by Metro Council members Erica Gilmore and John Cooper.Both Cooper and Gilmore believe the National Museum of African American Music, which has a proposed corner entrance at 5th and Broadway, is not getting the full value it is worth and the full attention it would have gotten if it had been facing Broadway like they wanted.They believe that Broadway entrance would have made it more valuable fiscally.After weeks of disagreements with developers, Gilmore and Cooper proposed a resolution requesting the mayor’s office conduct a new and independent assessment of the redevelopment and current construction plans. If it showed it the current project carried a lower value than what was originally budgeted and proposed, the museum would get the difference.None of that will happen now.

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