Macaroot powder 300g Organic


Macaroot powder 300g Organic


Macaroot powder comes from the Maca root that is found high in the Andes Mountains. It has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of South America. Maca works as an adaptogen. A substance that activates your resistance in times of stress. Macaroot powder also stimulates the hormone balance, this is especially important for women. Due to the high nutritional value of Maca you get a lot of energy and stimulates your stamina.

Organic Certificate : NL-BIO-01

Macaroot powder

Daily use:
Use 1 tablespoon – 10 gram daily in a juice, smoothie or favorite meal. (stop the use of Macaroot powder for 2 weeks after a period of 2 months daily use)

Side effects:
Do not use Macaroot powder if you suffer from thyroid disease.

Weight 300 g


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